Living on Campus

If you’re interested in living on campus, you’ll be in good company at Eastern! We’re the most residential of the Connecticut State University system, with 85% of our freshmen and a majority of all our students living on campus. First-year students can live in traditional or suite-style halls, and all of our upperclassmen are in suites or apartments. Watch the video to learn about campus life from our students!

I decided to live on campus for all four years because all of the residence halls have such nice amenities. And since I am a student worker on campus, it makes coming to work super accessible.

So Eastern offers a lot of different housing options. There's traditional style halls, which are available for first year students. And then as you become an upperclassmen, they offer suite styles and apartments. I think living on campus is really important because it leads to all of your involvement on campus. You're surrounded by students all the time that are always going to events and meetings, so you're bound to end up attending one of those and then you'll find your spot here on campus.

There are several different options for dining here on campus. One of our dining halls is Hurley Hall, which students have unlimited access to, especially if they're living in a traditional or suite style residence hall, and then we also have the student center cafe. We also have the library cafe if you're interested in grabbing a quick bite on your way to the library or on your way to class, and we recently just added the Shafer Cafe. It's newly renovated, and they serve breakfast options for anyone who's on the other side of campus who might not be able to make it to Hurley Hall before their classes.

Theme housing is basically a section within housing where groups of students who share similar initiatives or goals live together. So for example, there are green themed housing, there are social justice housing too, there's a gender sexuality housing as well. There are spaces within housing that students can get involved.

I would definitely recommend living on campus to an incoming student because you really get to build your network here at Eastern. It's a great way to meet new people and make new friends and really just get involved in on campus in general.