Undergraduate Research

Delve further into an academic area you’re curious about by taking advantage of the countless undergraduate research opportunities for which Eastern is known. There’s no better way to strengthen your critical thinking and analytical skills, apply your knowledge, and collaborate with our expert faculty at the same time. 

Our emphasis on undergraduate research opens doors for professional experiences typically reserved for graduate students. Eastern sends over 40 students to present at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research annually, and our students present at international conferences and publish their studies in peer-reviewed academic journals. Learn more about research from the perspective of our students and faculty in this video.

I think that Eastern has a very unique stance on research because although Eastern is not a huge research university, there are so many different options for students to get involved with research. Being a smaller campus means that you are more than just a number here at Eastern. And so our professors recognize when our students are passionate about research or passionate about different projects and ideas. And so our school really takes note of students who are really interested and really determined to pursue some type of research.

Some of the opportunities for undergraduate research is working with faculty members in what they actually do and what they know. For example, I do development economics, I do labor economics, I do health economics. So for me, that's my area that I understand a lot. If a student wants to go ahead and work with maybe the Department of Transportation, maybe the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For me, it's much easier because I know the area. I can even connect the student with some of my friends from back in college who work in those areas. They can work one on one.

So through research students have the opportunity to develop writing skills and presenting skills. Every year at Eastern we hold a Create Conference where students make these big poster boards and are able to present to other peers, other faculty. The research is catered toward the students interests and potential career paths.

I've had a few opportunities in the research field. This past summer I worked with Roseate Turns in Massachusetts, and here I'm working with Black Skimmers. Regardless of what major students are in, you can get involved in research here at Eastern. You can work on campus, in neighboring communities, in different states and even globally.