Hands-On Learning

At Eastern, we make sure that our students have both the knowledge and the skills they need to be leaders. Beyond the typical classroom, our students take on internships in wildlife, use our Anatomage table to virtually dissect a cadaver, and conduct original research individually and in groups. All of these opportunities are guided by our faculty members who offer support and personalized attention to ensure our students’ success.

Small class sizes allow the students and the instructor to really engage more one on one. We definitely are able to develop more of a relationship with our students, get to know them better, their personalities, and what have you, their ways of learning. And it's just a closer environment.

The internship opportunities are more catered toward the students. In my experience, you can actually go to a professor that you know has a certain background in a certain field, and you can ask them for research opportunities.

An example of the hands on learning that we have here at Eastern is the anatomage table. It's a state of the art, three dimensional human cadaver, and it allows students to be able to label all the bones, all the muscles, organs, tissues.

A lot of the classes in the beginning of your first two years, there's a lot of group work, and it definitely helped me gain friends. And because it's a small campus, I see a lot of the people I did group work with.

I believe in almost every class I've had here at Eastern, we've had a group project. And I think it's a great way to work on your team building skills, leadership skills, learning how to let others be the voice of a group instead of just yourself, and I think it really develops your ideas.

Here at Eastern, internships come in all different forms. During the summer, you can spend time off campus. Even on campus, they have opportunities for students to work with different professors here. For me, I spent my summer internship in Massachusetts working with Mass Wildlife in birds. So the hands on experience that we learn here at Eastern will make us more marketable because we have that knowledge and experience, and we will be prepared for the workforce.